• MY SPA Wellnessplanner
    MY SPA Wellnessplanner
    Easy to handle
    For planning of your offers
    in the beauty, wellness or sports sector.

A wellness planner who simplifies everything

MY SPA Wellnessplanner

A wellness planner should relieve Spa employees - without long training period

When we developed the MY SPA Wellness Planner in 2010, we already emphasised the importance of making the software easy to use. Since then, many new features have been added and there are more all the time. Nevertheless, we are pleased to hear from our customers and their spa staff that they quickly find their way around.

  •     Clear menu navigation, hints, icons and help texts
  •     Booking, changing, paying and selling items via different ways
  •     Showing all information from the connected hotel system
  •     Understandable and illustrated manuals

Planning security is important, but it must also be possible to override it if the employee knows what he or she is doing. For example, overbooking, price changes, appointment overlaps and out-of-hours bookings are possible, but only by staff authorised to do so.

Easy to use - anything but simple

Wellness Hotels & Resorts

In the background, a system works for you that is designed to work independently of your workplace. Wherever your spa is, MY SPA works internationally and manages different regions, time zones, currencies, languages, operations and users - with true multi-property management of all your resorts and operations, connecting to your hotel systems, whatever they may be: protel, Suite 8, SIHOT, Opera Cloud, Mews, Aida.

MY SPA Video

MY SPA in Detail

Spa Treatments and Classes

Availabilities at a glance

MY SPA is a wellness planner for your beauty, wellness or sports offers. It enables every employee and external sales partners to make a verified reservation for a treatment whenever your guest asks you for it.

Is your current software no longer being further developed or is your scheduling for applications on slips of paper, Excel sheets or in Outlook taking place? The handling is optimized for error-free and fast booking. The software is operated via browser and also enables bookings through external partners such as affiliated hotels or tourism offices, who do not need to know your offer in detail in order to reserve appointments reliably.

MY SPA supports your staff planning and optimizes the occupancy rate of your spa and wellness area, because it takes into account the opening and individual working hours and qualifications of your specialists as well as the special requirements of individual treatments.

    Complex adjustment of rooms, equipment, set-up times and for the application of qualified specialists
    Consideration of opening hours, online bookability, individual working hours / absences
    Current numbers at all times: Sales statistics, workload figures, personnel data, commission


Determine duration, price, calendar color, specialist and rooms. Treatments can be set up in varieties: Different treatment duration, different prices or set-up times. For booking, MY SPA offers several booking routes, depending on the user: quick and flexible for Wellness-Desk specialists, save for staff members who are not familiar with the conditions, attractive for guests. Couple treatments consider two guests and two practitioners, and a four-handed treatment is also possible.

Course Management

With the MY SPA course management, sports programs and group appointments are easy to plan. Yoga courses, ski courses, salt caves or excursions - courses are configured with their details, possible instructors and rooms or meeting points and scheduled once, daily or weekly at certain time intervals. Colour codes show the occupancy at a glance and offer functions for bookings. Guests are quickly added and participant lists are printed. Course descriptions and weekly schedules can be created with your own texts and pictures.

MY SPA Packages, Arrangements and Subscriptions

Wellness packages, arrangements and subscriptions

You can put together packages from your applications and courses with just a few clicks. A package can consist of different applications, courses or a number of identical offers, or can consist of a trial training (free of charge), a body analysis and 10 training units valid for one year.

No matter if Valentine's or Christmas special - there are no limits to your creative marketing ideas. The individual dates are reserved at any time for the customer. Difficult to manage? No. So that you don't lose track of which service the customer has already used, packages are managed in a separate mask, but appear in the daily schedules like regular appointments.
Interaction with the hotel system

Wellness offers are often arranged together with the hotel stay. With a connected hotel system - protel or Suite 8 - the components of the arrangement are transferred to MY SPA. If a credit has been created in the hotel system, MY SPA transfers the successful execution. This can also be done automatically.



MY SPA Upselling

Upselling in the Spa

The sale of additional items is a decisive economic factor in increasing the contribution margin of the spa area for the hotel. This makes the consultation all the more valuable if the specialist knows the sales history of the guest on the next visit.

You manage your spa sales items in MY SPA and select the products from the selection or scan the EAN code of the product. Goods receipts and corrections in comparison with the integrated inventory list are recorded manually, sales and reservations are managed automatically. You can add sales products to a guest in many places: in the customer profile, in the appointment, in the appointment overviews... wherever you see a shopping cart.

The billing is clear: all unpaid services of the guest are suggested for billing at any time. Prices can be edited - depending on the employee's authorization. Tips are entered quickly and easily for the practitioners. All positions are either sent directly to the hotel system.

Day Spa guests and direct payment

If you do not want to create day guests in the hotel system or want to enable direct payment of spa sales: Opt for the integration of our GoBD-compliant POS system MY POS. Payment methods created in MY POS are offered directly in the MY SPA interface and sent to connected POS printers, also with cash drawer opening.

The advantage: the convenient settlement screen for posting sales to the hotel invoice is supplemented by the selection of direct payment types from the MY POS cash register. For the settlement of advanced booking transactions such as splitting invoices, merging transactions, financial splitting with multiple payment types, the POS interface is on hand in another browser tab. The MY POS Administration Backend provides access to item management, statistics, bills and daily closings.

For Austria and Germany the required connection to the tax authorities is available, and fiscal printers, e.g. for Italy, can also be connected.

As a transaction cash register, MY POS can open a transaction for your daily guest at the entrance, identified according to a spin number, member number, or RFID transponder. In the course of your stay, not only the admission is booked on this process, but also e.g. consumption with orders from the bar or kitchen. Bookings from the spa area can be bundled with reductions, sales of additional items and added tips for specialists.




MY SPA Online Booking

Online bookings by your guests

As a module, MY SPA offers you an integrated online booking route or an interface for your own IBE.

Choose which applications you would like to offer via the customer booking route and determine the time control of your offer as well as the appointment lead time, period of advance booking and start of appointment. The appointment reservation via the MY SPA booking route books directly into your calendar and naturally contains all multiple checks. Overbooking is excluded.

In MY SPA, you can recognize online bookings by their identification. Your guests will receive a confirmation e-mail and you will receive a notification e-mail.

If you would like to use your own booking route, digital guest folder or app for the appointment reservation, our web booking interface offers you the same functionality.


MY SPA Staff Administration

Authorization and Working Time Models

MY SPA offers a multi-level authorization structure: from the simple user, who can only see and maintain his own appointments, to article and master data administrators and administrators, who manage the entire spa operation and have full access to reporting. Not only spa appointments can be maintained, but also meetings, vacations or self-designed appointment types, where you determine the percentage of such activities that should flow into the utilization report.

Employees' working times can be entered permanently or allocated on a weekly basis using shift schedules or working time templates. Create your own weekly working time models! A working time report clarifies how many hours an employee has worked. This helps freelancers to keep to their monthly working hours.


The MY SPA commission model is freely configurable per employee: Specify a minimum turnover for services and article sales and a percentage share. MY SPA calculates service sales for practitioners and course instructors, takes account of discounts and reduced package prices and displays tips booked. Articles can be sold free of charge or added to treatment appointments - in this case we charge the sales turnover to the dentist.

MY SPA Licensing

Transparent licensing

Our licensing models offer solutions that are tailored to your needs - the number of your locations, with or without a hotel connection, whether you have a good Internet connection there or want to work independently of the Internet. What you can book in addition to the MY SPA license are some modules that not everyone needs and therefore do not pay for.

MY SPA is suitable for:

  • Single Spa's
  • Spa's with hotel connection
  • Spa's with own accounting and cash register
  • Spa chains wishing to work in one system

No per seat or per room license

Our software is web-based. This means that you do not need a workstation or computer installation, but use the browser of your devices. The software is installed on a server - where, that's your choice: in our cloud, on a server at your site or privately in the data center. From then on, all authorized employees and, if you wish, also your customers, work in parallel. You do not need any permanently installed programs at specific workstations, no new PC, no specific operating system. Work with the devices you have, from where you want.

Our server license is unlimited and independent of the number of your workstations, rooms, guests, offers, bookings..... Also the number of your rooms is not important for us.


Wherever in the world your spa's are located, MY SPA manages multiple time zones, currencies, hotel system interfaces and languages. True multi-property. TUI BLUE Hotels and Magic Life Clubs, for example, rely on this.

MY SPA Appliance

MY SPA comes as preconfigured Virtual Machine

You determine the location of the installation: whether it is for installation on your server on site or in the data center. Or on the MY SPA Box, which you simply integrate into your network.

Is your hotel located in beautiful but remote locations, and do you sometimes have problems with your Internet connection or power supply? With an on-site server installation, you work using the browser installed on your devices, but still locally. We back up your database to a data center every night. If necessary, your installation can be reinstalled and restored within a very short time. Additional employee plans, which you can have sent to you regularly and automatically for the next three days, ensure reliability.

Our software is web-based

This means that you do not need a workstation or computer installation, but use the browser of your devices. The software is installed on a server - where, that's your choice: in our cloud, on a server at your site or privately in the data center. From then on, all authorized employees and, if you wish, also your customers, work in parallel. You do not need any permanently installed programs at specific workstations, no new PC, no specific operating system. Work with the devices you have, from where you want.

The operating system is Linux

Those who know their way around know that problems such as restarting services are no longer an issue. For the management of a spa operation, the virtualization host should offer this minimum: 100 GB SSD storage on the hard disk, 2 virtual CPUs, 2 GB RAM, 1x1 GBit network.

Access to the MY SPA appliance is via ports 80 and 443 and must be possible from the clients. A fixed IP address is required for this. For a comfortable access, we are happy to optionally set up a local hostname, e.g. myspa.yourcompany.local. For updates and maintenance, MY SPA must be able to communicate with the Internet via port 443 (outgoing).

If access via WLAN is required, the IP network or IP address of the appliance must be accessible from the WLAN (port 80 or 443).
Access from outside via the Internet is established by means of port forwarding to the IP address of MY SPA (we recommend that this is only done in encrypted form via port 443). Especially when setting up external access, it makes sense to use an SSL certificate, which we would be happy to install on the appliance.
For the delivery of MY SPA as a pre-installed hardware appliance, an additional fixed, available IP address is required.


Wherever in the world your spa's are located, MY SPA manages multiple time zones, currencies, hotel system interfaces and languages. True multi-property. TUI BLUE Hotels and Magic Life Clubs, for example, rely on this.

What does that mean, "web-based"?

Web-based applications enable your business,

your customers, partners and employees

the immediate, autonomous, cost-effective, location- and time-independent

Access to information and functionalities.

Sicherheit von Software im Internet

If your software is accessible via the browser, you have maximum flexibility. You work without installing any software on your device. You simply open your browser, for example Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or others, and then log in with your personal access data. The software's range of functions is tied to your user authorisation. This means that every employee works live in the central database - at the head office, on site or on the road - on the functions for which he or she is authorised.

Connections via the Internet?
Is the data of the business and my guests secure?

We are aware that the protection of your customer data and the defence against destructive or extortionate attacks is of paramount importance. Therefore, securing against unauthorised third parties is a priority for us and we follow the highest standards.

We install each of our web-based systems on the infrastructure that best suits you: Depending on whether you are connected to a stable internet connection, have an internal server structure or prefer outsourced services. Whether the wellness planner, the cash register system, the tourist information system or your individual programming.

In short, data protection is based on these pillars

We have a high level of expertise in designing fail-safe architectures and adapting them to your needs. Whether you are an international hotel group with networked locations, or manage a hotel on dream beaches but struggle with nightmarish cabling, or are a ship always on the move. We will realise the concept that suits you best.

Do you want us to host the software for you? Then you don't have to worry about data backups and recovery, the guest data is secure and exclusively separated for you from external systems. If you would like to leave the administration of the software to the IT company of your choice, we will work closely with your service providers and assist with the installation.

Within the framework of an appropriate contract, we are available to you around the clock: you speak to technicians because we know that you need support precisely when other people have time off. Because at these times they are your guests.