• MY SPA Wellnessplanner
    MY SPA Wellnessplanner
    Easy to handle
    For planning of your offers
    in the beauty, wellness or sports sector.

A wellness planner who simplifies everything

MY SPA Wellnessplanner

A wellness planner should relieve Spa employees - without long training period

When we developed the MY SPA Wellness Planner in 2010, we already emphasised the importance of making the software easy to use. Since then, many new features have been added and there are more all the time. Nevertheless, we are pleased to hear from our customers and their spa staff that they quickly find their way around.

  •     Clear menu navigation, hints, icons and help texts
  •     Booking, changing, paying and selling items via different ways
  •     Showing all information from the connected hotel system
  •     Understandable and illustrated manuals

Planning security is important, but it must also be possible to override it if the employee knows what he or she is doing. For example, overbooking, price changes, appointment overlaps and out-of-hours bookings are possible, but only by staff authorised to do so.

Easy to use - anything but simple

Wellness Hotels & Resorts

In the background, a system works for you that is designed to work independently of your workplace. Wherever your spa is, MY SPA works internationally and manages different regions, time zones, currencies, languages, operations and users - with true multi-property management of all your resorts and operations, connecting to your hotel systems, whatever they may be: protel, Suite 8, SIHOT, Opera Cloud, Mews, Aida.

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What does that mean, "web-based"?

Web-based applications enable your business,

your customers, partners and employees

the immediate, autonomous, cost-effective, location- and time-independent

Access to information and functionalities.

Sicherheit von Software im Internet

If your software is accessible via the browser, you have maximum flexibility. You work without installing any software on your device. You simply open your browser, for example Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or others, and then log in with your personal access data. The software's range of functions is tied to your user authorisation. This means that every employee works live in the central database - at the head office, on site or on the road - on the functions for which he or she is authorised.

Connections via the Internet?
Is the data of the business and my guests secure?

We are aware that the protection of your customer data and the defence against destructive or extortionate attacks is of paramount importance. Therefore, securing against unauthorised third parties is a priority for us and we follow the highest standards.

We install each of our web-based systems on the infrastructure that best suits you: Depending on whether you are connected to a stable internet connection, have an internal server structure or prefer outsourced services. Whether the wellness planner, the cash register system, the tourist information system or your individual programming.

In short, data protection is based on these pillars

We have a high level of expertise in designing fail-safe architectures and adapting them to your needs. Whether you are an international hotel group with networked locations, or manage a hotel on dream beaches but struggle with nightmarish cabling, or are a ship always on the move. We will realise the concept that suits you best.

Do you want us to host the software for you? Then you don't have to worry about data backups and recovery, the guest data is secure and exclusively separated for you from external systems. If you would like to leave the administration of the software to the IT company of your choice, we will work closely with your service providers and assist with the installation.

Within the framework of an appropriate contract, we are available to you around the clock: you speak to technicians because we know that you need support precisely when other people have time off. Because at these times they are your guests.