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Why Use a Web-based POS System?

MY POS Cash Point System


You want to generate revenue with a POS system.

Do we start by reducing your acquisition costs?


MY POS is a web-based cash register with touch screen functionality that can be used both as a quick cash register at your point-of-sale and in your restaurant as a cash register system with comprehensive table management and immediately sends food orders to the kitchen. MY POS offers you simple and clear functions, professionally integrated into your business.

Hardware independence pays off, not only at the time of purchase, but also during operation: MY POS works with any device that has a browser. On a low-cost tablet, like on a high-end POS terminal, and everything in between. And also with all kinds of PCs, notebooks, Macs. You can even use an old notebook as a POS immediately and without a technician - worth its weight in gold, if the summer terrace is full on Sundays and the POS terminal is just about to fail. Or if you want to set up an additional cash register.

The graphical user interface allows you to process orders quickly and easily, allowing your staff to work immediately without long training sessions. The central database can be managed and evaluated from any PC with an Internet connection.

Multi Property

MY POS manages different time zones, currencies and operations with internal and external points of sale in one interface.

The MY POS POS system complies with the requirements of the GoBD, is a partner of Epson for fiscal printers and Fiskaltrust for cloud connections and is prepared for the further direct connections to the tax offices.

MY POS Web-based POS System

Hardware independent

Imagine your restaurant cash terminal is down. Bad? No. Open a notebook, open the browser and enter the MY POS address. Continue working as usual. The installation knows to which printers the kitchen receipts and receipts must be sent. With MY POS, you can use the POS interface regardless of the device.

Location flexibility

Imagine your guests can pay in the ski hut with their room card. The ski lodge is not part of your network, but mobile phones are available. The data streams between your server and the accessing devices are so low that a 3G connection is sufficient!

Comprehensive evaluations

You manage several independent sites with their sales points in one interface. Also external sales points with their own invoice number ranges. However, the article 'Espresso' only exists once, but it costs more in the restaurant than at the bar and less for breakfast than in the evening. The cocktail is reduced at the bar for happy hour, but not at the pool.... Nevertheless, you will find a precise overview in the sales evaluations: by sales outlets, articles, meal periods, service staff, etc..

MY POS in Detail

MY POS Service Features

Good service personnel are hard to find. This makes it all the more important to have a POS system that is quick to learn and offers many features.

International POS

MY POS offers a quick cash register and switches to the extensive restaurant cash register with comprehensive table management with just a few clicks. The POS system is multilingual, can be set individually for each user and offers a separate kitchen item description for foreign-language chefs.

Free configuration:

  • Upper and sub categories and in which point of sale they shall be used
  • Fixed and free discounts for articles and points of sale: manual price change, transaction discount, happy hour
  • Receipt design (with the exception of the prescribed tax information)
  • chooes the language for each user
  • Meal sequence management
  • article packages
  • process management: Transfer of guests: merge tables, divide tables, open part tables, transfer items

A wide range of functions is available for settlements: Payments with several payment methods, split payments between guests equally or cross posting between two hotels. You can define fixed discounts. Depending on the authorization of the service employee, cancellation and discount authorizations are linked to the login of the service employee.

During posting to a connected hotel system, the check-in status is checked for each guest. Authorisation can be granted via the room number or a room card - each transponder medium can be used via a HID reader.

MY POS Multi Property POS System

Wherever in the world your business is located, MY POS manages different time zones, currencies, hotel system interfaces and languages.

Multi Property

MY POS manages different time zones, currencies and properties with internal and external sales points in one interface. This makes it suitable for hotels with more than one location.

Though you manage several independent properties and own outlets as well as external sales points with their own invoice number ranges, the article 'Espresso' is only set once. It may cost more in the restaurant than at the bar and less for breakfast than in the evening. The cocktail is reduced at the bar for happy hour, but not at the pool.... Nevertheless, you will find a precise overview in the sales evaluations: by sales outlets, articles, meal periods, service staff, etc..

Individually, and yet together

And although all data is in one system, the conditions of the locations are respected: Invoice number ranges, different fiscal treatment of documents for countries with fiscal printers or direct reporting to the tax authorities. Cross-posting can be set up between neighbouring hotels - visits to one hotel's restaurant can be booked to the other hotel's room bill. Do your hotels work with different hotel management systems? The connection can be set up individually.


Wherever in the world your operations and cash registers are located, MY POS manages different time zones, currencies, hotel system interfaces and languages. Real multi-property. TUI BLUE Hotels and Magic Life Clubs, for example, rely on this.

MY POS Cashpoint Stick for Touchscreen Terminals
MY POS Cashpoint Stick for Touchscreen Terminals

Profi Touchscreen Terminals

MY POS works with any device that has a browser. Of course also with professional touchscreen terminals.

App-based POS systems run on smartphones and tablets, so far, so affordable. But what if you need a professional service counter where orders can be typed in at high speed and you don't mind a spilled drink? The tablet stands offered for this purpose address the problem, but they cannot compete with a professional POS terminal in terms of stability.

Traditional terminal cash registers are often tied to suppliers. These are usually standard products, sometimes technically equipped with a software lock.

No need to install POS software: the MY POS Cash Point Stick for professional POS terminals is here.

Everything that is needed is already set up on the stick: Operating system, browser, kiosk tool for full screen, manipulation protection.

With the MY POS cash point system, no software needs to be installed because it is operated via browser. And since a browser does not necessarily require Windows as a basis, it is license-free and requires no maintenance or virus protection. You guessed it, the whole thing boils down to Linux - but that's only for nerds, isn't it? Apart from the fact that this hasn't been true for a long time, based on IT has developed a solution where you don't even notice what kind of system is behind it. Even better, you don't even have to install it.

Sounds good? But it gets even better. No more problems with defective hard disks, because even those are no longer needed. The MY POS Cash Point Stick is so inexpensive that you can keep one in reserve in case it gets lost.

What do you have to do? Insert the stick into the terminal and switch it on - depending on the system configuration, the terminal must be set up once so that it starts from USB. That's it.

Hardware independence pays off, not only when you buy it, but also during operation.

MY POS System

Mobile Version for Tablets

MYPOS is device-independent and can therefore also be used e.g. with the iPad. Equipped with a kiosk browser, the POS functions can be used optimally.

Tablet browsers work somewhat differently than touchscreen terminal or PC browsers. The functional range is the same. We recommend the iPAD Mini as a tablet, as it offers the best quality of surface operation. The iPad Mini is a comparatively inexpensive mobile device and can be used for places inside the range of the WIFI area, e.g. in a garden restaurant, and outside the WiFi area also with a SIM card to send the bookings from the table to the kitchen, counter and server.

Of course, the mobile cash register can also work with network printers, or a belt printer.

IT Systeme für Hotels an den schönsten Orten

MY POS is a web-based system that offers solutions for any location. Even remote ones, because that's often where it's most beautiful.

Technical Base

MY POS comes as preconfigured virtual machine

You determine the location of the installation: whether it is for installation on your server on site or in the data center. Or on a server that you only integrate into your network.

Is your hotel located in beautiful but remote locations, and do you sometimes have problems with your Internet connection or power supply? With an on-site server installation, you work using the browser installed on your devices, but still locally. We back up your database to a data center every night. If necessary, your installation can be reinstalled and restored within a very short time.
Our software is web-based

This means that you do not need a workstation or computer installation, but use the browser of your devices. The software is installed on a server - where, that's your choice: in our cloud, on a server at your site or privately in the data center. From then on, all authorized employees and, if you wish, also your customers, work in parallel.

For work at service-intensive points of sale, such as a restaurant or your bar, we recommend the use of a touchscreen cash register. Tablets are suitable for the terrace, as long as WLAN coverage with a connection to your installation is guaranteed. Print jobs are sent via the server to network printers, possibly supplemented by fiscalisation authorisations.

The operating system is Linux

Those who know their way around know that problems such as restarting services are no longer an issue. For the administration of all cash registers of a hotel, the virtualization host should offer at least this: 100 GB SSD storage on the hard disk, 2 virtual CPUs, 2 GB RAM, 1x1 GBit network.

Access to the MY POS appliance is via ports 80 and 443 and must be possible from the clients. A fixed IP address is required for this. For a comfortable access we are happy to optionally set up a local hostname, e.g. mypos.yourcompany.local. For updates and maintenance, MY POS must be able to communicate with the Internet via port 443 (outgoing).

If access via WLAN is required, the IP network or IP address of the appliance must be accessible from the WLAN (port 80 or 443).
Access from outside via the Internet is established by means of port forwarding to the IP address of MY POS (we recommend that this is only done in encrypted form via port 443). Especially when setting up external access, it makes sense to use an SSL certificate, which we would be happy to install on the appliance. An additional fixed available IP address is required for the delivery of MY POS as a pre-installed hardware appliance.


MY POS Administration

Administration and Reporting

Wherever you are - via the Internet you can evaluate the turnover of your sales outlets to the minute and manage employee data and articles in the backend of the cash register administration.

  • Create articles, define product groups and their discountability.
  • Define the rights of individual employees in detail
  • Manage cancellations and credits. Create points of sale and define which goods can be settled there.
  • Export detailed cash reports as .csv files for further processing in Excel. Various filters are available to you for this purpose, which you can limit to the exact minute
  • Assign variable access rights for service personnel and employees.

Reporting includes sales point financial reports according to sales time or meal periods and offers the evaluation of companies, service staff and individual sales items - with unlimited history into the past. The fiscal trust connection is also controlled via the administration interface.

MY SPA Lizenzmodelle


Transparent licensing

Our licensing models offer solutions that are tailored to your needs - the number of your locations, with or without a hotel connection, whether you have a good Internet connection there or want to work independently of the Internet. Our server license is valid indefinitely and regardless of the number of cash desks you have, but we take this as the basis for the monthly support fee.

MY POS is suitable for:

  •     Hotels
  •     Hotel Chains and Resorts
  •     Restaurant Chains

Our software is web-based. This means that you do not need a workstation or computer installation, but use the browser of your devices. The software is installed on a server - where, that's your choice: in our cloud, on a server at your site or privately in the data center. From then on, all authorized employees work in parallel. You do not need any permanently installed programs at specific workstations, no new PC, no specific operating system. Work with the devices you have, from where you want. If you want us to supply you with hardware, we are happy to do so, we are not manufacturer-bound, but pass on our experience to you.



Introduction of the multi-property POS system MY POS in the Hotel Il Castelfalfi - TUI BLUE SELECTION

The 5 star hotel Il Castelfalfi, opened in April 2017, is located in the heart of Tuscany surrounded by a breathtaking landscape. Embedded in a country estate with its own vineyard and the largest golf course in Tuscany, the luxury hotel is a dream destination for gourmets and golfers. It offers exceptional service with Italian gourmet cuisine and a spacious wellness area.

MY POS at TUI BLUE and Magic Life

MY POS Web POS System
MY POS Kassensystem

In 2015, the TUI BLUE Hotelbetriebsgesellschaft decided to use two in-house developments from based on IT GmbH, an IT service provider with a high level of expertise in consulting tourism companies, in its operations. On the one hand MY SPA, a web-based multi-property wellness planner, supports the employees of the wellness desks with the administration of the employees and rooms for treatment appointments. On the other hand the POS system MY POS offers the administration of several companies in one installation, which is accessed web-based.

MY POS is multilingual and can process different currencies, exchange rates and time zones. In Italy, the particular challenge in implementing the POS system was to integrate mandatory fiscal printers in order to meet the requirements of the Italian tax authorities. This was made possible by the implementation of the Epson Websocket interface on the central server in Germany.

If the service employee in Italy requests a receipt via the touch screen interface of the cash register, the server in the German computer centre sends the receipt content to the network printer assigned to the cash register. With regular printouts for bar and kitchen printing, or printers without an internal storage unit, this is possible without any problems and without an intermediate printer interface.

Fiscal printers, on the other hand, require the separate transmission of certain booking data and output cumulative data from the internal printer memory as prescribed by the Italian authorities. The EPSON Websocket interface controls this different way of transferring document contents for the EPSON FP 90 III fiscal printers used in Castelfalfi.

The MY POS POS system meets the requirements of the GoBD, is a partner of Fiskaltrust for the Austrian cash register obligation and is prepared for the expected EU-wide direct connections to the tax offices.