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MY SPA Onlinebooking for Day Spa and Hotel Guests

The booking page for your guests offers booking options for day spa guests, where you can book appointments and packages, but also additional functions for hotel guests: they can authorise themselves with their reservation number or room number and name, and use this to schedule their arrangement services and pre-bookings themselves. The site is optimised for mobile devices (mobile first), but can of course also be used on normal PC monitors.

Choose which treatments you would like to offer via the customer booking route and determine the timing of your offer as well as  appointment lead time, pre-booking period and appointment start date. The appointment reservation via the MY SPA booking route books directly into your calendar and naturally includes all multiple checks. Overbooking is impossible. PayPal is integrated as a payment option.

Would you like to take a look? Make an appointment, we will be happy to show you all the functions.