• MY TOUR Travel Management
    MY TOUR Travel Management
    For Tour Operators and hotel chains
    All guest and travel data combined in one system.
    Real-Time available for all parties involved -
    limited to the relevant information.
MY TOUR Web Travel Management
MY TOUR Web Travel Management

Guest Data in your Care

MY TOUR, a travel management system for tour operators and hotel chains, was developed for daily work with guest data, centrally managed and available everywhere in real time.

Classic hotel management or tour operator systems are designed from the respective point of view - hotel operation or travel sales - with more or less happily added additional functions.

MY TOUR focuses on the guest and his journey. It leaves the actual hotel management and/or travel sales to the hotel management system or tour operator system, because that is what they specialise in. MY TOUR however takes care of everything that does not take place directly in the hotel, the travel agency or the online booking system:

MY TOUR Features

IT in der Touristik

Personal travel information

In MY TOUR every guest has his own personal information area. There they will find documents such as vouchers and information about the destination and can manage their personal settings, e.g. their areas of interest, desired mailing lists or even register for a loyalty program. All information from the first contact up to the newest reservation is available, naturally with consideration of the necessary declaration of consent of the guest.

Sicherheit von Software im Internet

Control of your Data

Business relationships change. EDP systems change. It is good to know that your most valuable data will remain unaffected if you are stored in your MY TOUR. MY TOUR imports all relevant data from your tour operator, hotel and cash register system to all supporting systems, merges them and stores them centrally. The server location can be freely determined by you, be it in your own or rented data center or in a secure private cloud. Whatever your preference, you have access to and control over your data, because with MY TOUR you have it "at home".

Centralized Data

Central evaluation and control

Analyze the occupancy rate of all your hotels as well as room contingents across all distribution channels, also with substitutable categories (single/double room as single room/room with connecting door/...) and make better marketing decisions (add/reduce contingents, adjust the bookability of double rooms with single occupancy,...). MY TOUR provides the necessary information quickly and clearly, and allows the simulation of contingency changes in order to be able to assess their effects in advance.

Steuerung von Reiseaktivitäten

Selective access for partner companies

It is often useful, sometimes indispensable, that your partners (e.g. incoming agencies, providers of additional services, etc.) are informed about the guest. A fully-fledged access to the hotel management system and/or tour operator system would make this possible, only to make too much data available. This is not only undesirable but also prohibited by data protection law. Apart from that, further accesses are usually associated with considerable licensing and installation costs.

MY TOUR allows an uncomplicated restriction of access for external partners. They see everything they need - and not more. Like all based on IT systems, MY TOUR is web-based, which means that it can be operated with any standard browser, at any location with Internet access, and of course encrypted.


MY TOUR Reklamationsmanagement

Complaint Management

From the correct registration in the hotel to the amicable (or even legal) conclusion of a complaint - MY TOUR does not view complaints in isolation, but as part of the CRM. The entire process is transparent and can be used for further customer management.

One of the main advantages of MY TOUR also comes to bear here: Partners involved in the process (service providers, law firm) can be included in the workflow online, without software installation, via secure connections, of course DSGVO-compliant, time-consuming correspondence is avoided.

What does that mean, "web-based"?

Web-based applications enable your business,

your customers, partners and employees

the immediate, autonomous, cost-effective, location- and time-independent

Access to information and functionalities.

Sicherheit von Software im Internet

If your software can be accessed via the browser, you are maximally flexible. You work without installing any software on your device. You simply open your browser, for example Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or others, and log in with your personal access data. The functional range of the software is bound to your user authorization. So every employee works live in the central database - in the head office, on site or on the road - on the functions for which he is authorized.

Connections via the Internet?
Are the data of the company and my guests secure?

We are aware that the protection of your customer data and the defence against destructive or blackmailing attacks is of the utmost importance. Therefore, the protection against unauthorized third parties has priority for us and we follow the highest standards.

We install each of our web-based systems on the infrastructure that best suits your needs: Depending on whether you are connected to a stable Internet connection, have an internal server structure or prefer outsourced services. Whether the wellness planner, the cash register system, the tourist information system or your individual programming.

In short, data protection is based on the following pillars

  1. Hosting within your own intranet or in certified data centers
  2. SSL encrypted data transmission
  3. Data backup and monitoring
  4. Personalized login with differentiated authorization structure

We have a high level of competence in the design of fail-safe architectures and adapt them to your requirements. Whether you are an international hotel group with networked locations or you manage a hotel on dream beaches, but are struggling with nightmarish cabling, or as a ship are always on the move. We realize the concept that suits you best.

Should we host the software for you? Then you no longer have to worry about data backups, backups and recovery, the guest data is secure and exclusively separated for you from external systems. If you would like to leave the administration of the software to your trusted IT company, we will work closely with your service providers and support you during installation.

Within the scope of an appropriate contract we are available for you around the clock: You talk to technicians because we know that you need support especially when other people are free. Because at these times they are your guests.