• MY SPA Wellnessplanner
    MY SPA Wellnessplanner
    Easy to use
    For planning your offers
    in the beauty, wellness or sports sector.
  • MY POS Web POS System
    MY POS Web POS System
    Webbased - Multi-Property - Touchscreen
  • IT for the Tourism Industry
    IT for the Tourism Industry
    MY TOUR Travel Management
  • Custom Development
    Custom Development
    Instead of industry solutions, use what really fits:
    Web-based, platform-independent and installation-free

Software and IT Systems for the Hotel and Tourism Industry

It all depends on these systems

Relaxed Wellness Planning
Relaxed Wellness Planning

MYSPA is an easy-to-use system for your beauty, wellness and sports offers. It makes the work of your receptionist or his representative easier, because it enables every employee and external sales partners to make a certified reservation for a treatment whenever your guest asks you for it.

MY POS Cash Point System
MY POS Cash Point System

MY POS is a web-based POS System with touch screen functionality that can be used both as a quick cash register at your point-of-sale and in your restaurant as a cash register system with comprehensive table management and immediately sends food orders to the kitchen. MY POS offers you simple and clear functions, professionally integrated into your business.

The graphical user interface allows you to process orders quickly and easily, allowing your staff to work immediately without long training sessions. The central database can be managed and evaluated from any PC with an Internet connection.

 Guest information at a glance
Guest information at a glance

We know that your excellent service must not be jeopardized by technical malfunctions. Therefore the cooperation with an IT partner with tourist background knowledge is crucial.

MY TOUR, a web travel management system for tour operators, was designed for daily work in the tourism environment: from sending the travel documents as E-DOC, via arrival and departure lists, interfaces to the PMS to complaint management and guest data consolidation and evaluation for your marketing.

Our range of services in the area of Travel Technology extends from Internet Booking Solutions and Business Information Systems for capacity utilisation optimisation and guest management to programming interfaces and extensions for connecting reservation and hotel management systems.

[Translate to Englisch:] Speziallösungen für die Touristik
[Translate to Englisch:] Speziallösungen für die Touristik

Unsere webbasierenden Programmierungen sind plattformunabhängig und überall ohne Arbeitsplatz Installation einsetzbar.

The reasons for individual developments are manifold:

  • The industry solution does not always match the company's own processes.
  • The data exchange between systems is not offered by the manufacturers or with too long runtimes.
  • It is not only in corporations that an adapted solution is cheaper in the long term.
  • Staff shortages can be compensated by automation.
  • Successor systems sometimes offer less convenience than proven software that is no longer developed further.

Our web-based programming is platform-independent and can be used anywhere without installation. The use of Open Source saves your project budget.


High Availabilty IT Systems
High Availabilty IT Systems

MY SPA und MY POS sind webbasierte Systeme, die Lösungen für jeden Standort anbieten. Auch entlegene, denn dort ist oft am schönsten.

In the most romantic holiday resorts, the magic for the guest is sometimes the hotelier's nightmare - for example from the point of view of electricity and Internet supply. They must be able to rely on the functionality of the technology even under time pressure and in difficult locations. We know that hotel software must be fail-safe, whether it's a new hotel location or in the current season.

We know the problem of interfaces and the interaction of all technical systems:

  • From the network infrastructure to the equipment of the server room.
  • From e-mail and Internet connection to back office, integration of locking systems, access and cash register systems, and other peripherals.
  • From booking channels and PMS to digital guest folders.

24/7 hotline support and flexibility in international on-site use are a matter of course for us.

Which technologies to invest in and when?
Which technologies to invest in and when?

For many tourism professionals, daily business is a race against time, budgets and competitors. New developments in the markets and the technologies used must be examined - can you afford to ignore them? Investing in all areas is not possible - which are the right ones?

The self-image of based on IT is to present our customers IT processes and their effects on the operational environment in a comprehensible way. This helps in decision-making and creates competence in dealing with external providers and statements by employees about hardware and software, databases and all other IT services.

We look at the problems and challenges from your point of view and help you with your decision: is an innovation more profitable, more reliable, simpler and faster than the old one? Technical feasibility or the mere argument "You are up to date" alone does not justify an investment. It is always a priority that you can work smoothly.

Your Point of View

When we serve our customers, we feel responsible for all IT-related issues. We see our task as an obligation to analyse IT decisions for you from a business point of view and in many cases find a price-conscious solution for your topic that is not necessarily based on the usual market but on what makes sense.

This is why we have a trustful partnership with our long-term customers.

Based on IT GmbH has been established on the market for many years. We have acquired a broad spectrum of internal know-how and experience from which our customers can benefit. We have at our disposal a large network of competent partners from the most diverse special fields. The focus of our expertise is the work for customers from the tourism and hotel industry.


Our service offers you the full availability of a support employee,
who will assess your technical problem and prevent operational errors
via remote maintenance or on site.