Online Check-in Tool für Suite8
    Prüfung und Zahlung der Hotelrechnung
    Webbasiert und Responsive
    Einfacher Aufruf im Browser ohne App Installation

Contactless, but no less cordial

Developed by Suite8 professionals, this is Suite8's extension for web-based access. HOTEL TOOLZ offers a range of functions for hotel staff, while GUEST TOOLZ is entirely dedicated to the needs of your guests - especially for the period of their stay in the hotel under Covid-19 conditions.

Suite8 Web-Add-ons

Communicatiing with your on property Suite 8 installation, guests can check in and view the status of their sales during their stay, as well as pay their hotel bill.

If the reservation of the stay has already been made via the Suite8 online booking, the guest's consent and all guest data are transferred. All data are and remain completely in your hands - because GUEST TOOLZ is accessible via the web - but within your private installation.

What the hotel always wanted to see with Suite 8: Evaluations, room occupancy, information for housekeeping - and finally all accessible via the browser.

Unlike cloud-based hotel systems, this Suite8 extension communicates with your Suite 8 in a private installation.