TUI BLUE uses Multi-Property MY POS

In 2015,  TUI decided to use two inhouse developments of based on IT companywide:

One is the treatment planner MY SPA, that helps the Spa Team, Front Office, external partners and guests to book appointments error-free.

The other one is  the cash-point system MY POS. As an international restaurant system, it offers all the sophisticated features like statistics by meal-periods, headcount at the table an handling meal courses. Yet it is still lean enough to be used as a quick-booking cash-point in All-inclusive resorts.

Both webbased, the systems handle multiple properties, languages, timezones, currencies, taxes and hotelsystem connections - all in one system.

Mobile Version

The MYPOS cash-point frontend, as a webbased system, is designed to be used on a touchscreen, but does not rely on it. You may also open a browser on any device to use it as at your point-of-sale.

We did not create a special app, but the mobile version allows to suppress the internal keyboard. Run in a kiosk app, you may prevent the screen from tilting, so for example the iPAD mini is perfect to use inside your WLAN area or even outside with a SIM card. Combine it with an epson mobile printer!